Terrance D. Schemansky (Terrance Day) is a Musician, Entrepreneur, and Author with a heart for God. He started this web site in early spring 2008 after doing the Daniel Fast for 37 days. He later decided to use his musician stage name as an author name as well. He wanted to share his new Ebook with others after spending much time writing down his thoughts about his own experience doing the fast. Then he discovered that right around the new year, his web site was receiving approximately 1000 visitors daily!

Terrance grew up in Utica, Michigan and attended a Catholic grade school. He spent one year at a Catholic high school before transferring to a public high school closer to home. From 1995 to 1999 he attended Western Michigan University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree. After college Terrance started attending a non-denominational Christian church on a regular basis. He worked at several jobs, but learned a great amount about health and fitness during employment at two health clubs. He also worked steadily at writing songs, and performing his music locally. During this time Terrance also worked to develop his own music business called “3000 Records”.

sarahandterranceCurrently Terrance is working both at home and also spending time on the road his wife Sarah and their daughter, Helena. Through travel, they have had the opportunity to influence people positively by expressing God’s love. They have also found a passion in eating healthy foods, and learning about natural healing for any health related issues commonly treated with drugs alone. After writing “Honoring God Through The Daniel Fast”, Terrance decided to publish his Ebook online for people to discover and  learn about The Daniel Fast. Through 2018, he will be partly traveling throughout the US, and available for speaking engagements.

Web sites: You can visit Terrance’s music web site at http://www.terranceday.com or visit http://www.makemusichistory.com for a free copy of his album “A Simple Life”.